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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  January 25, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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bytes today saying he might be open to the trans-pacific partnership and saying he wants a strong dollar. >> strong dollar trade is going to be where his focus remains. and i do think that's maybe what we haven't heard yet is more on that he had comments on nafta, too. trying to work it out. >> i want to know what else there is. >> preserving some suspense. >> thank you that does it for "closing bell." "fast money" starts now. >> "fast money" starts right now live from the nasdaq market site overlooking new york city's times square guy adami, tim seymour on the panel tonight. >> western digital moving lower. and intel higher in after-hours. plus, they call him the bitcoin oracle, the man who called the rise and fall of bitcoin is here with another shocking predict. it could have far-reaching kblik force the crypto world. vinny lingham, who is also the host of shark tank in africa will join us later this hour
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first we start off with words that moved the markets all over the world. take a listen. >> we are doing so well, our country is becoming so kickly strong again, and strong in others ways, too, by the way, that the dollar is going to get stronger and stronger. and ultimately, i want to see a strong dollar. >> president trump speaking exclusively to cnbc's joe concernan in davos swirtserlands. and the dollar took notice it moved for its largest insupraday move of the year. and the s&p 500 at a record high the question here between secretary mnuchin talking down the dollar and president trump talking it up, is this a risk to the rally? >> i don't know if it is a risk to the rally i do think they are playing a dangerous game maybe i'm old-fashioned, but i don't think her sitting president and the treasury secretary shop so pine on the
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strength or weakness of the dollar historically they haven't done it maybe it's changing. i don't think they should. frankly, though, they should get on the same page february of 2017, at 3:00 president trump called nike michael flynn at 3:00 to ask what was better for the economy, a strong or weak dollar. president trump was correct. a weaker dollar is better for multinationals folks at home that want to hear that, that is the truth. and mnuchin is correct but the trade partners and the people who have our deb don't want it and the consumers at home shouldn't want a weaker dollar either. >> today's comments are almost worse than yesterday's you would think he would have left well enough enalone then he says sometimes we want a strong dollar, sometimes a weak. i think he should stop talk about dollar
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there was a sense of people and confidence across the entire administration in other administrations. i don't think this treasury secretary is giving a lot of people confidence. to me, i think the message that president trump said, president trump at least tried to do daniel control i think that was smart i think ultimately to get in there and say our economy is chugging along, we are interested in having a strong currency is the right thing to say. although i don't think he's supposed to be saying that either i think it was the right thing to say after what we had. >> i think they all say strong dollar. >> they all say strong dollar policy. >> i think mnuchin was trying to be a problem solver. >> you think he was doing okay out there? which one. >> mnuchin i think he was trying to be practical. he was trying to say it doesn't hurt us. he wasn't talking about manipulating it. >> i think he was talking yesterday about a weak dollar is in your advantage. >> is it in our advantage. >> don't ask me the question >> i'm asking you the question. >> this is what he was saying. >> i'm asking the question it wasn't like he was member --
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manipulating that's my point. >> tim, you would agree that a weaker dollar is beneficial, it is a not beneficial to a portfolio for a lot of us. >> it is beneficial if you are investing in emerging markets or commodities. >> multinationals. >> to some point but i think there is import price inflation. i think there is a case where if people are going to be buying our dpoods do you think they ultimately -- let's put it differently. first of all back to the u.s. treasury they are about the ramp uppis youance, and they are cutting back on bond buying. if you are telling us you are going to let the dollar erode out from under you while you are buying our stuff not good the momentum in emerging markets got to 2004 levels this, r morning. we are way overbought, the dollar was way oversold of the it should have bounced we were at the point where some of this played out
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i think with month end and whatnot this is where most people are going to take a pause. >> karen >> it's unnerving to see the dollar move so much. we are talking before the show, over the last i guess year is it so much that the dollar has weakened or that the other currencies have strengthened i know it ends up being same thing. but was this going to happen he anyway as the rest of the world starts to pick up momentum i don't know about that. it's interesting the me, the volatility index was only a little bit higher at the end of today with a lot of stuff going on in the middle for me in my portfolio i'm not going to change what i own because of the dollar moving around a lot today i don't love it of it will make me hang on the futures and wait for the vix to go higher before i sell them. >> the dollar has been going down since december. the market has been going up >> dollars been going down for a year. >> three year low. >> we are talking about trump now. just the trump effect. the dollar has been going down the market has been going up so when you say what do you do
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with your portfolio, everything has seemed to have worked. with the exception of energy until lately so i think you stay the course. >> you say the course. >> but if the dollar changes course, doesn't that change how you view the market at all. >> i think it has to be longer. >> you made the point that it had been going down since trump and the market going up. >> i agree with mnuchin. i would like a weaker dollar, not falling out of bed weaker dollar, but i would like a weaker dollar,ity i would not like the dollar the spike higher. >> the porscheback would be 70 or 72% consumer driven economy, which we are, and this is a hidden tax for the consumers your buying power is eroding away. >> we run a deficit in this country. i agree with you. >> you realize while rates are going higher and karen made this point, inflation seems to be trending higher. its a triple whammy that's not going to hurt the stock market today or a month or two from now. but it has an effect. >> i understand that do you think we are at a place
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that the consumer expects the retailer to sort of absorb that? >> they have no choice. >> i think the retailers are thinking that the consumer can absorb it. they are doinger with, wages are higher, some are getting bonuses. >> coal's. >> the lg price increase, who is absorbing that, home depot -- i don't know the consumer i don't know >> neither do i. >> that's why you are a smarty i don't know. >> protection and trade barriers and all the rhetoric from last week tomorrow we are going to flex muscle and tell the world how tough we are on trade it's going to be inflationary, it's going to have an impact. at a time when we have been expecting inflation to rear its ugly head. we are at 15% probable of that, 58% probability of free hikes. >> are you derisking your portfolio? >> yes. >> what did youdo today. >> i sold emerging markets which
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i trade actively and i flattened it out i think emerging markets are going a lot higher but they don't need to go a lot higher when they were as overbrought as they were and the dollar was as oversold as it was. >> your next guest says a bull pac is about to happen tony >> mel, well our theme this year is higher volatility with higher markets. a big part of that is because sentiment has gotten so extreme. investors intelligence, which has 12% bearsest historically that's a low level of bears. this measures newsletter writers one of the oldest measures of sendment around. you had a 50% run up in the market it caused all the bears to high better nate. when that happens, typically -- the last time that happened was 1985 into 198 of a 40% move going up here you had a how% move coming up into the corrective territory.
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what happened there when you had 12%, right here you had 12% bears, you had corrections look at these thing. you had two-day corrections followed by ramps to new highs now that's the whole thing here. if pete was here he would say hashtag giddie yup when you get one of these drops you get these ramps back up. they are three day ramps you don't have time to get involved you have got to do them right away. >> i think we invite tony over, right. >> 100%. >> it would be weird if we left him hanging out there. karen, thank you for bringing the chair in >> what's up, brother. >> how are you >> what do you tell investors to do >> i have got to tell you there is a push to buy the next tick, you have got to do something, do something. there is a saying that i like to use, don't just do something, sit there. this is one of those times where i think you sit there. i don't think you have to chase the next tick. as we showed on the telestrator, when you get optimism this high
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and bearishness this low you are going to get a chance to buy them cheaper you feel like you have got to do something. you don't have to do something what i wanted to show on that teleseparator so well, you don't have time to bet the downside because rebound happens too quickly. just like the dops are two or three days, you get the two or three day ramps. >> tony to your point, this is the second longest we have been above the 200-day moving average. and the last time that we broke that trend we only had 40 days before it was trading even higher than where it fell off a clip cliff you can't sell them. you can't wait to buy them because you already own everything what do you do, literally sit on your hands >> i would literally sit on my hand there is no fundamental reason -- depends on your tame frame. if you are a good enough trader. if you have overweight and into equities cut back to a neutral position if you are overwait in aggressive and high cyclical areas neutralize a little bit
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when the mark does come in it's coming in i believe it's coming in then you can add in and releif got aggressive versus chasing here. >> a passive aggressive dampen activity based than the pull back based on everything you showed us is inevitable but might come in such a muted way that it's all relatively benign anyway. >> guy, you are almost as old as me. >> why did you have to do that why are we doing that on this show. >> wait a second, guy, he said you are almost as hold as him. >> eh? [ laughter ] >> there is always a reason. human nature is -- only works at extremes like the investors intelligence polls. usually it doesn't many a dap damn thing when you are at a human nature extreme then you can make a better educated guess as to the near term direction. we have hit that extreme with
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12% bears. just like timmy was talking about with the dollar. you are so much above the 50 day emoving average in the eem it's likely to pull back historically near term. certain times there is really identifiable things. we are in one of those times but i think the key to the message is it's not a bearish call please, please don't get bearish when you have a positivecally sloped yield curve you never ever want to be negative what you want to do is use weakness to your advantage because it comes back very quickly. >> basically as long as the yield curve is the way it is, there is no risk that that small pullback will become something bigger or is there? >> there is a risk to the passive investment and the high frequency trading and that kind of thing there is a shot that you could have kind of a market event but it shun be a big event and it should be temp rat you know we have a new specialist at the nyse most specialists were gone. they were the stabilizers in the
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fast market. it's corporate america corporate america buy backs when you get wooshes in the market that's your specialist that's the entity that's there to smooth it out they are doing it for the benefit of their shareholders. >> i would be remiss if i didn't say there still are. they are still on the floor. only at nyse, tony >> tony, thank you. what did you do today, karen? i didn't do a lot. i did sell united and buy delta. awful day obviously for them both but i would rather be in dealtan than united. also i bought some manage walk >> you did. >> yes, i did. >> why >> i don't know. i thought the numbers were interesting. they had a nice run. we are going to see numbers shortly. i think there is a reasonable shot we see good news from them. >> i think people are getting
5:14 pm
spooked by home builders and rising rates i'll looking to see if i want to increase my home building positions, phm >> i sold some macy's. sold some yesterday and more today. this wasn't fall in love with the position that's my call on macy's. >> some of the material stocks might come off a bye if the dollar does rally. short recovery on the dollar fcx or u.s. steel, buy that dip. >> a practicing note. do not miss joseph currentan's interview with president trump tomorrow morning at 6:00. intel, western digital, starbucks calls coming up. plus, he is known as the bitcoin oracle for his spot on predicts on where the currency is headed next what does he think now
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vinny lingham. we'll look into his crystal ball. and this tech name is up 15% in 2018 alone and it has one of our traders pounding the table we'll tell you what it is right after isth break much for "fast money" straight ahead. (whispering) excuse me, are you aware of what's happening right now? we're facing 20 billion security events every day. ddos campaigns, ransomware, malware attacks... actually, we just handled all the priority threats. you did that? we did that. really. we analyzed millions of articles and reports. we can identify threats 50% faster. you can do that? we can do that. then do that. can we do that? we can do that.
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download the xfinity my account app or go online today. welcome back to "fast money. allibaba is breaking out. the chinese tech giant jumping 15% so far in 2018 after reports of emerging talks between alley and kroger just like amazon's act wi decision of whole foods last year will that move take the stock to new heights. >> init is a catalyst for a name that has a couple of catalysts out there. i think they are going to show in that second quarter they grew 50%. this kroger deal, you can follow the same playbook as amazon. ultimately what you are seeing in the entire e-commerce space in china is off the charts vips, jd
5:19 pm
they have been booming and the technical break up. >> i don't understand why they would want to acquire or partner with a u.s. based grocery store if the whole thing is a china consumer. >> it's not. alibaba right now is a global company. t mall what they are geared towards is international mchtsd. i think at minimum they are trying to place and plant a flag globally maybe not in the united states i'm not sure this is a big thing for them but it's establishing this as a brand and an international brand at a time when they are growing dramatically outside of china. that's a big part of their business. >> i think they have been trying to really present experiences in brick and mortar this is something where ialway equate it to it is amazon 2.0. if you missed amazon, it is your way of grabbing this they are following the same exact playbook to the t, that's why it's still a buy and why i still own it. >> kroger as talking, in june when the stock went from 32 down to 22 it went sideways, maybe down to 20.5
5:20 pm
but we talked about how cheap it was relative to its peers. it has balanced a lot of it on the back of this then you have to ask yourself, have you been in kroger,set getting expensive? the answer is yes. they are still on a down trend and they are head winds. in my world, if you enjoyed the rally i think you take some profits. >> it doesn't make sense to me intuitively if if they were to try to do that why not go after something like a target that is broader than groceries. >> they have a presence here in terms of exporting or bringing u.s. products to china i don't see it selling thing here. >> i don't think this is a core strategic alliance for them. >> yeah. >> i look at company and i think the most important thing for alibaba right now, sentiment has changed. people believe their numbers, believe in jack ma, in the element of the companies they are spinning off
5:21 pm
they believe in the "fast money," which you buy at the all time highs >> another "fast money" question would you rather, alibaba or ten cent i think here alibaba has more room to run. it is a technical call it has been mostly sideways. ten cent has been. booing i think it's more of a pan tech play in asia if you want to buy one of them that's the better one to play. but alibaba of late. >> i'm long alibaba. the prime targets across the street are it's magnitized to 2106789 i think it's going to go above that and it's going to be a stock that's 3 or $400 in the next three years. >> starbucks is getting crushed. what went wrong with the quarter? we will hear from the ceo later this hour. i'm melissa lee. you are watching cnbc.
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here's what's coming up. >> a top hedge fund says pass on grass. we will tell you which stock that fun is betting will fall. and vinny lingham, the bitcoin oracle talks about bitcoin and what to do with your coins when "fast money" returns.
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when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. welcome back to "fast money. crypto regulation a hot topic at the world economic forum in davos this week. this is the price of downtown. they have nailed near that $11,000 level, or as we like to call it, bitcoin purgatory seema mody has more. >> it is bitcoin is catching the attention of some of the most powerful names in the world of
5:25 pm
finance. steven mnuchin and la guardia both said they were focus on cryptocurrencies and regulations. >> we want to make sure they are not used for illicit activity. in the united states, our regulation, if you are a bitcoin wallet you are subject to the same regulations as a bank. >> i totally agree withwhat steven was saying about the fact that the anone imity, the lack of transparency and the way it conceals and protects money laundering, and dark trades is unacceptable. >> black rock's ceo larry fink said while there are risks blockchain technology is real and cryptocurrencies should not be dismissed. >> it has created a fascination with millions and millions of people it's real. it's going to transform how we do our business. and we should not turn our back to it. we should embrace it and work toward a global solution. >> a coordinated global approach
5:26 pm
to regulating cryptocurrencies will likely be the central focus for government agencies in the coming month china and south korea announced they are cracking down on cryptos and banning ico's, the u.s. has slow to regulate the new market although jay clayton has been vocal, issuing a warning on cryptocurrencies and writing last night that ts.e.c. is devoting resources to the coin offering market. >> for more on what the crypto crackdown could mean for bitcoin let's bring in civic ceo and shark tank south africa host vinny lingham. you have been dubbed the bitcoin oracle because of his spot on predictions in the past. good to have you on "fast money." >> thank you >> increased regulation at the least is coming. what will the impact be on cryptocurrencies >> will it affect all coins in the same way across the board?
5:27 pm
>> yes, i think what is happening is in the developing markets around the world where regulations haven't been as well enforced as in the u.s. we are seeing that the growth in crypto in these emerging markets has really forced governments to take a closer look at what is happening a the local exchanges. now in the u.s., coin based, et cetera, they have been doing kyc and regulations for years. so it's very familiar territory in the united states but in emerging markets where a year ago, 18 months ago, you know, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, no one even knew what they were. now they are having to cope with millions of people coming on line and trying to buy the cryptos. and the regulations and exchanges haven't really been enforcing anti-money laundering and id verification kyc for your customers. >> know your customers is kyc. as this crackdown happens around the world vinny does that put a cap or a ceiling on how prices
5:28 pm
can get in 2018. >> i think on retail side, retail investors, you know, we have seen exchanges like bit rates, et cetera, have to literally close because they had hundreds of thousands of people signing up within 24 hours et cetera. i think the retail investors are going to have to wait in line while they get id verified and kyc posters going through these exchanges. but the institutional investors in the sovereign world funds don't have these restrictions. if they want to do a large buy of 5 or $10 million they can get verified quickly through the exchanges and still make those buys to some extent it will impact the retail market as it grows, but the institutional markets will be okay. >> you think bitcoin cash is undervalued. how do you come with that sort of analysis in terms of valuation. >> personally when i look at
5:29 pm
bitcoin versus bitcoin cash -- i've written about this. bitcoin and bitcoin cash are actually, they are focusing on totally different markets right now. these two products are serving different needs in the market. the one need is global, fast cheap payments with some trade-offs and the other need is anti-fiat central position money where everybody can run and load to monitor and value their own transactions when i look at it from a product standpoint inthe greater demand is for peer to peer cash than for digital gold but you know, this is something which we will not be certain of until a couple of years as this plays out. >> you don't own -- it sounds like you don't own some of the privacy coins like a z cash or mow narrow what do you think is in the pipeline for them in terms of regulation if regulators are concerned about the use of cryptocurrencies in criminal activities do you think privacy coins might face harsher regulations or a harsher spotlight than some of the others >> you know, in some ways they
5:30 pm
should but, again, this is crypto it's really hard to clamp down on this because it's very easy for bitcoin, bitcoin cash and any crypto to become a privacy coin as well so where does it start, where does it end. money arrow and z cash are front runners in that race but i don't think it's something you can really start. >> vinny, we have got to play a little buy, sell or hodle bitcoin? >> hodl for me. >> bitcoin car, buy, sell or hodl >> buy. >> buy okay great. and ethereum, buy, sell, or hodl hodl. >> last round. light coin, buy, sell, or hodl. >> sell. >> sell? is that charliely sold his
5:31 pm
position i mean. >> partially. >> when the founder sells, i mean that's not a positive sign. >> recollect, you should d wrecu should do wrecked for that. >> he sold but i don't see the differentiation between light coin and bitcoin it is the same technology just mined with a different algorithm, that's all. i have never been very excited about light coin itself. >> all right are there any other alt coins out there vinny that you sort of are looking at, interest you, you think could be the next in your top three or four >> yeah. yeah you know, i have definitely looked at zrx. zero x, it's technology for decentralized exchange protocols. this is interesting because if the government regulations do come in and they become too harsh in some countries decentralized exchanges wine of taking the place of centralized
5:32 pm
exchanges because with the decentralized he can change there is no control by any government it is an interesting concept because you can use smart contracts to exchange coins and cryptos. decentralized is big -- at the moment, but i think it becomes a big trend later on this year as we see more regulations coming in. >> vinny, it is been a pleasure. thanks for your time we hope you will come back to "fast money" soon. >> thank you. >> vinny lingham, who is known also as bitcoin oracle, giving us a little buy, sell, hodl. >> regulation equals validation here is what it sounds like. and centralized versus decentralized. i think people may think they are opposes theories or concepts, but i think if the regulators want you to be centralized you are going to be centralized. people who say you can't shut down the internet, man i don't believe that i think the regulators can control how this needs to be
5:33 pm
controlled that doesn't mean the concept of decentralization in terms of peer to peer cash, et cetera isn't alive and that's why we are doing this. >> karen. >> a lot of new money is come into the space. >> still. >> till. >> even despite the purgatory and the scary music that we play. >> despite the music and with the revery volatile markets we have seen. even for cryptocurrencies, volatile, ma, i think that is going to be a significant factor. >> bk was in switzerland at a crypto conference. he is saying there is institutionals stepping in >> it has been a global market i will leave it to guys like tim and bk to figure that out. i like the blockchain. i think regardless of where the individual coins go, blockchain is not going aaway i don't have stock and square is how i'm playing it >> morgan stanley raised
5:34 pm
numbers. 22% short interest if you are looking for a beta play on the back of ethereum, amd is the thing >> a quick question to you. >> yeah. >> if this bitcoin craze was so amazing. bk, where was he. >> switzerland >> what did he bring. >> this is what he brought for all of us. >> it's almost insulting >> get a close up. >> for scale, let's sigh, here a bottle of water and the to be letter own, so you can get a concept of the size of the ca y candy. >> maybe he had a bad week on his bitcoin stock. >> it's overrated. how about nestle krurch, hersheys make american chocolate great again. >> from our crypto crackdown to
5:35 pm
a pot bust, one hedge fund manager is shorting one stock in the space. after, that we are monitoring company conference calls. much more "fast money" right after this we have a short amount of time to get our patient to the hospital with good results. we call that the golden hour. evaluating patients remotely is where i think we have a potential to make a difference. (barry murrey) we would save a lot of lives if we could bring the doctor to the patient. verizon is racing to build the first and most powerful 5g network that will enable things like precision robotic surgery from thousands of miles away. as we get faster wireless connections, it'll be possible to be able to operate on a patient in a way that was just not possible before. when i move my hand, the robot on the other side will mimic the movement, with almost no delay.
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welcome back to "fast money. intel and western digital reporting earnings after the bell cue the magnum pi. if you are a josh lipton fan, we are giving you a double dose of josh two beards he is breaking down the after hours action in the blue chip stocks take it away. >> i feel like somewhere tom selleck is listening and wincing at that comparison i apologize to mr. celek let's get to intel results outstanding. top of mine meltdown inspector, the vulnerability, the security flaws exposed earlier this monday the ceo addressing that at the top of the call. listen. >> we have been working around the clock with our customers and partners to address the security vulnerabilities known as specter
5:39 pm
and meltdown we have made progress but we have more to do. we are committed to being transparent keeping our customers and owners appraised of our progress and through our action, building trust security is a top priority for sbrel. >> remember, sbrel executives said they don't expect any kind of material financial impact from those vuler in bltsd. ceo now saying they are focused on delivering high quality mitigation, patches to address those flaws. for the business units they focus on data center group revenue, up 20% to a record $5.6 billion. better than expected talked about broadband advanced strength, a richer asp mix chips for pcs that clocked in at $9 billion down 2% but better than expected for more on intel's results, check in tomorrow to squawk alley. that is when jon fortt is going to be speaking to intel's cfo bob swan don't want to miss that. quickly, touching on western
5:40 pm
digital moving in the opposite direction here that stock was up 10% year to date heading into this report. down 6% over the past six months western digital, a solid b on the bottom line -- beat on the bottom line. bit of a beat on the top investors clearly disaount pointed the ceo talking in a statement about the strong operating cash flow. he talked about continued healthy demand in their end markets. ditz appointment there first quarter we are hearing from western digital since they ended the nasty legal fight with toshiba. that call is starting right now. backs to you. >> thank you josh lipton in san francisco. guy, your report >> intel is the report we talked about this at the beginning of the month it was unanimous across the desk the sell off off of that announcement was probably overdone talk aboutet going in front of a story. he did a good job. they had some flaws but did a good job they were right up front about it and this report proves the
5:41 pm
selloff was overdone i think it's going to continue to rally off of this report. >> there was an adverse relationship between amd and intel. and then when the ceo of intel got on and said this is ubiquitous through the whole entire space everyone is going to have the security breaches and whatnot going forward then you saw them start to work basically in the same direction. i think the strong report out of intel, the bar was low and they crossed over it. that's going to be strength for amd. and the other side of it, wdc, that one is going to be weak going forward. i think you will see the inverse correlation with the two names. >> cross over a little bit to apple, related in the chip space but apple had a rough week it's down 4% thisseck would. lots of concerns about -- >> the blockchain. >> blockchain and the data that they are getting from the chip suppliers, et cetera, karen, what do you think of this decline? >> i don't know. everybody seems to be concerned.
5:42 pm
i can buy into that. it can't be bad for the apple story, right. >> right. >> this kind of performance. but across the birdie it can't be bad but i don't know if it would be enough to overcome. >> to allay the fear. >> if they do miss dramatically. >> when sammy reported what they did i would listen to them they are seeing dma. inventory bad is not bad for the sector that's better than last year i stay long. coming up, starbucks burning investors, the stock is down more than 4% we will here from kevin johnson later this hour. >> plus just say no. that's one what hedge fund investor is telling investors about high finlyg pot stocks we will tell you what has him so paranoid about the space when "fast money" returns. you always pay
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welcome back to "fast money. pot stocks have been on fire but one major hedge fund is not high on the group. leslie joins us here on set with more. >> it is a $5 billion hedge fund not too high on marijuana stocks these days liquid capital management revealing short positions in canedy growth and aurora cannabis the founder telling investors in a letter obtained by cnbc quote we understand it's not a matter of if but when she is stock
5:46 pm
prices collapse. otherwise we should all be moving to canada and growing pot. the basist of the thesis is this, zpooit despite the recent excitement the mania surrounding legalized recreational po of the in california neither of those companies can sell into california or anywhere else in the u.s. that is still illegal. he points out it is really cheap and easy to get canopy and aurora's production up that they are not actually making that much pot and the barriers to entry, the competitors are popping up by the way. it is a easy to get in both canopy and aurora traded lower today. canopy didn't respond to our requests for comment but aurora told me quote he would don't worry too much on shorts on u.s. and other companies in the sector have been forced to cover repeated repeatedly the firm has $5 billion in assets and posted returns of 8.3% last year the firm also disclosed a long position in bmw and a short in a
5:47 pm
korean pharmaceutical company. >> i have got a lot of questions about this i would any that the companies being this canada is actually a strength in this sector because there is no legal risk from jeff sessions doing something in the united states, that it's built on a regulatory framework that already has pot legal. >> well, he's saying that people are looking at the u.s and the potential market here, as a growth opportunity for the marijuana companies. >> so that's in the valuation now? >> he's saying that's essentially priced in, especially california. people see that as a huge opportunity. and all the media buzz, i guess for lack of a better word surrounding california and legalization is something that people -- has brought retail investors into that stock and drove it higher. he does not believe that's a necessity and that that should not be -- >> what was your fast pitch company company. >> med relief. they have 18% of the market in
5:48 pm
canada it's based on medical. good for med relief doing their work stock by stock. this is not an indictment of the marijuana industry they are pointing out companies that they think are under three from bigger players to step in this is not -- i'm going to quote somebody from the conference i was at tuesday in miami, a cannabis conference this is not about the green wave this is a marathon to take a bite out of alcohol. that's what this is, it's about efficacy in pain relief and in wellness to me this is a $400 billion market right now globally and obviously, california and the u.s. are going to be the leaders of it. cana canada, what's going on right now. valuations because canada is fully legal on the medical side. they are about to go fully legal on recreational. the ontario liquor and now cannabis control board is the largest buy he of marijuana in the world and med relief sells to them. i think the guys with the
5:49 pm
headstart are the ones with they are going to be a bigger headstart in the future. >> what do you make of his point of competitors in the state and barriers to agree are low to grow pot sp produce it >> i think scale certainly matters. what we are seeing and the reason i like med relief, it is cash flow positive and best on excoug and they really careabout the execution. i think they guys truly run a sound operation. but big 1,000 question for the marijuana or the cannabis industries is what happens in terms of supply response to more people coming on line. naturally, in any commodity the more you see the more it pushes down prices. maybe the prices we see today around the same as tomorrow. still ahead, starbucks sinking after hours afteris earnin rorgsept. we will hear from its ceo in just a few moments more "fast money" still ahead. ♪ oh no. schwab, again?
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5:53 pm
johnson says he has no doubt it whether surpass the u.s. in terms of the number of stores it has there one day. >> china was our fastest growing market in q 1, 6% comp growth driven entirely by transactions and 30% revenue growth customer cons response to our shanghai rose street has been extraordinary. and it's already performing well above expectation. >> mobile is another important growth area for starbucks, which added 1.4 million active starbucks reward members during the quarter. they also raised full guidance and said non-gap tax rate will be 23% in 2018 the ceo kevin johnson will be on cnbc's squawk on the street tomorrow atk a.m. eastern to break all of this down be sure to tune this. >> guy >> valuations. people look at valuations, saying comps weren't great
5:54 pm
i hert what kate and mr. johnson said but if you par through it. comps where not where they should be. what do we see first i think we see sub55 then maybe takeanother dip at starbucks. >> in the coffee space, i would pick dunkin. but i think the tail win is going to be their effective rate is middle 30 i think you are going to see that become an incredible tail wind >> really. >> looking at the tape what they said is they are effective tax rate not their net. their effective tax rate will be 26%, seven percentage points less than their previous guidance i think that's positive. i think the starbucks story is one that every time they report i feel like this stock does this and every time it is an opportunity. stock has done largely nothing over the last two years. i think they are executing and
5:55 pm
kevin gianson, that's his forte as the ceo they are glowing globally. multisales channel i'm long in the name this does not bother me. >> 700 stores open gloebldly in the first quarter. staggering. >> there is two on this block. >> yeah, exactly. >> it is crazy i guess there is more to saturate out there. >> right sticking with our earnings here, mcdonald's reporting next week the option market implying big moves for golden arches. let's go to mike khouw in austin texas. >> i didn't know you were that big of a fan of the big mac. >> from chinese food to mcdonald's. >> i am a healthy eater, it's clear. [ laughter ] so, it's interesting, mcdonald obviously they have been trying to make some important changes i think with the refranchising skpeft the sga expense cuts. it is not a name that typically moves that much. usually moving 2.5% on earnings.
5:56 pm
even though we are seeing moves that are smaller an average, in mcdonald the move they are answering is 3%. larger than we would normally expect however i would point out over the cost of the last month or so more calls than puts have been trading. also true today. seems like the options markets remain tepidly bullish. >> are you a dollar menu kind of guy or a happy meal sort of fellow. >> of course he is a happy meal guy. >> i actually -- [ laughter ] for the kids, sure i'm' sure they love that i'm more of a pea terry's, shake shack, five ties. >> how about the mcshamrock shake on st. pattys. >> we can go on and on mike, we will see you tomorrow at 5:30 p.m. >> up next, a special "fast money" announcement, and the final trade.
5:57 pm
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welcome back we have got very good news to share. the "fast money" family is growing. one of our fabulous producers maurice has welcomed a beautiful baby girl into his family. weighing in at 8 pounds, 15 ounces congratulations to maurice, adrianaa and big sisters sar fina and veronica. what a crew. time now for the final trade tim.
6:00 pm
>> asian, e mers, vix, virks ips. stay there, they are rallying. >> karen. >> intel if you are long, hang on to night the robot got this trade ong. >> i'm . my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends, i just want to make you some money my job is not just to entertain you but to educate you i'm constantly telling you the discipline always trumps conviction no matte


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